Treatment Plant

Treatment Plant – Our Environmental Commitment :

Our Plant is Townsville’s first, locally owned and operated Sewage Treatment Plant.

(Or as we refer to it ….”Shane’s Baby”).

When The Townsville City Council commissioned it’s new Mt St John Water Treatment facility on July 29 2011 it ceased taking sewage from trucks, Tropical Waste Services had no choice but to invest in a sewage plant of our own to maintain reliable and proper services to our customers.

Townsville Tropical Waste Service’s Treatment Plant – A work in progress!

The long, expensive and frustrating journey we endured to become the proud owners of a fully licensed facility that takes raw sewage and turns it into water has been worth it.

Building of the Treatment plant

The Waste we collect is screened and treated using dynamic biology to breakdown and digest all waste matter, leaving water that can be used in other environmentally sustainable processes or safely disposed of into the sewer under a Townsville City Council license.

Our customers are secure in the knowledge that we can reliably supply all of their waste removal needs and the waste is dealt with in the utmost environmentally responsible way.

We have worked closely with DERM and Council to make this happen, we have been able to keep our pricing competitive as a result.

You can rest assured when Tropical Waste collects sewage it is treated correctly and disposed of legally at our EPA Licensed facility. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many contractors operating in Townsville since Mt St John closed to trucks and the authorities are working on cleaning up the industry.

Townsville Tropical Waste Service’s Treatment Plant – A work in progress!

Building of the Treatment plant

The “after” treatment photo, this is what waste water looks like after being processed through our sewerage treatment plant…. So Proud!