Liquid Waste

Tropical Waste Services can accommodate all categories of  liquid waste removal. 

Our fleet ranges from 5000L-25000L capacity trucks, catering for private, industrial and commercial needs.


We provide collection and disposal of all Regulated Liquid Waste Streams for all industry types:


  • Septic Systems
  • Grey water
  • Sewer Pump Stations/ Treatment System Ponds
  • Grease traps
  • Oily Water Treatment Systems
  • Wash Bay Pits
  • Stormwater
  • Mechanical Workshop Waste Liquids (diesel, coolant, fluids)
  • Waste Oils

Grease Traps

We service commercial and domestic grease traps for Restaurants, Cafes, Catering Kitchens, Hotels, Motels, Bakeries, Takeaways, Shopping Centres and Households.

It is essential for all commercial Grease traps to be serviced in accordance with council regulations to ensure our sewers and environments stay clean.


Wash Bay Pits

We service and clean pits for mechanical workshops, truck wash bays, industrial and manufacturing waste water pits.


Tropical Waste Services has the equipment and expertise to Service & Facilitate disposal of all Waste Products for your Business. We can also assist with remediation and consultancy on disposal of any environmental issues which may occur within the Business.