All Fresh Portable Toilets

All Fresh Portable Toilets – Hire:

We hire portable toilets for: events, parties, weddings, building sites, army exercises, festivals and weekend meets.

We hire portable toilets for: events, parties, weddings, building sites, army exercises, festivals and weekend meets.

When Cleanliness Matters!

For weekends we deliver Friday and pick up Monday in all suburbs of Townsville including rural suburbs. Please call for a price on the weekend package for your suburb….you will be surprised.

Large events are our specialty. Delivery capability is boosted with our combination of crane trucks, semi- trailer and all terrain fork lift. Placement of toilets is made easy and services are backed up with our fleet of vacuum tankers in all different sizes.

Our toilets are also there “backing up” supplies for local hire companies when needed – we all work together to give Townsville what it needs.

All Fresh Portable Toilets is a division of Tropical Waste Services Pty. Ltd. and we have been operating in the Townsville area since 2004. We only supply quality poly portable toilets to our customers.

We also have the ability to deliver and service toilets outside the Townsville area, so please call regarding a free quote.

Some of the happy customers of All Fresh Portable Toilets are;

When that important event is on we deliver, service and pick up portable toilets…. at an affordable price. As locals, we know what makes a good deal and what is important to the people in our community.

We provide service and support for many local sporting and fund raising events as well as the 21st birthday party or wedding.

Inside our “All Fresh Portable Toilets”

Some of the large events using our well designed toilets are…

Delivery is no problem in any number with the choice of Flatbed Trucks or Semi – Trailer for all size Events and Festivals.

For long term hire, All Fresh Portable Toilets differ from other portable hire company’s as our hire charges include a pump, clean and replenishing on a weekly basis giving our Customers assurance their toilet is always clean and fresh.  Your most valuable asset, your staff will be much happier to use a clean, fresh toilet on your site which will help prevent OH&S issues

Our services include delivery, cleaning and pickup by one of our dedicated portable toilet service trucks.

When dealing with All Fresh Portable Toilets you will find your hiring experience an easy and simple process.

Our 4X4 Portable Toilet Servicing Truck – Able to service those hard to reach areas!

Treatment Plant

Treatment Plant – Our Environmental Commitment :

Our Plant is Townsville’s first, locally owned and operated Sewage Treatment Plant.

(Or as we refer to it ….”Shane’s Baby”).

When The Townsville City Council commissioned it’s new Mt St John Water Treatment facility on July 29 2011 it ceased taking sewage from trucks, Tropical Waste Services had no choice but to invest in a sewage plant of our own to maintain reliable and proper services to our customers.

Townsville Tropical Waste Service’s Treatment Plant – A work in progress!

The long, expensive and frustrating journey we endured to become the proud owners of a fully licensed facility that takes raw sewage and turns it into water has been worth it.

Building of the Treatment plant

The Waste we collect is screened and treated using dynamic biology to breakdown and digest all waste matter, leaving water that can be used in other environmentally sustainable processes or safely disposed of into the sewer under a Townsville City Council license.

Our customers are secure in the knowledge that we can reliably supply all of their waste removal needs and the waste is dealt with in the utmost environmentally responsible way.

We have worked closely with DERM and Council to make this happen, we have been able to keep our pricing competitive as a result.

You can rest assured when Tropical Waste collects sewage it is treated correctly and disposed of legally at our EPA Licensed facility. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many contractors operating in Townsville since Mt St John closed to trucks and the authorities are working on cleaning up the industry.

Townsville Tropical Waste Service’s Treatment Plant – A work in progress!

Building of the Treatment plant

The “after” treatment photo, this is what waste water looks like after being processed through our sewerage treatment plant…. So Proud!

Heavy Industrial

Tropical Waste can offer End to End Site Management Services. From the Mining Industry to the Retail Industry we have you covered.


Our Range of Services includes:

  • 1. Liquid waste
    2. Regulated waste
    3. Heavy industrial
    4. Industrial rubbish bins
    5. Waste reduction
    6. All fresh portable toilets
    7. Treatment plant
    8. Hungry bins

Our aim is to streamline your waste needs, targeting the processes most beneficial for you and your environment.

We work together with our customers to Research, Develop and Initiate Individual Environmental Plans to facilitate continual progress and growth.

Regulated Waste

Tropical Waste is fully equipped to deal with all those Waste Streams you have. 


Tropical Waste is fully equipped to deal with all Waste Streams including regulated waste.


We offer a variety of services in this area, dealing with coolants, oil filters, paint thinners and black jack grease to name just a few. 


Our main goal is ALWAYS to protect Our Environment and why we process all regulated wastes to ensure all reusable materials are Recycled or Repurposed to ensure Environmental Sustainability

Industrial Rubbish Bins

Industrial General Waste, Recycling Bins AND Skips.

Tropical Waste can supply the solution for all Dry rubbish.

supplying Rubbish Receptacles from 240L, 1.1, 2, 4 and 6 cubic metre lockable skips.

whether you are doing a spring clean up or require a bin for your business. Tropical waste can offer solutions for your needs at a Competitive Price.


240 Litre Wheelie bins

2 Cubic Metre Skip Bins – WITH LOCKABLE LIDS! 

6 Cubic Metre Skips – WITH LOCKABLE LIDS!

1100 Litre General Waste – We also have commercial bins for Cardboard/Recycling

Give us a call today and have a chat with our friendly Sales Manager to see how we can assist you.
4774 2075

Liquid Waste

Tropical Waste Services can accommodate all categories of  liquid waste removal. 

Our fleet ranges from 5000L-25000L capacity trucks, catering for private, industrial and commercial needs.


We provide collection and disposal of all Regulated Liquid Waste Streams for all industry types:


  • Septic Systems
  • Grey water
  • Sewer Pump Stations/ Treatment System Ponds
  • Grease traps
  • Oily Water Treatment Systems
  • Wash Bay Pits
  • Stormwater
  • Mechanical Workshop Waste Liquids (diesel, coolant, fluids)
  • Waste Oils

Grease Traps

We service commercial and domestic grease traps for Restaurants, Cafes, Catering Kitchens, Hotels, Motels, Bakeries, Takeaways, Shopping Centres and Households.

It is essential for all commercial Grease traps to be serviced in accordance with council regulations to ensure our sewers and environments stay clean.


Wash Bay Pits

We service and clean pits for mechanical workshops, truck wash bays, industrial and manufacturing waste water pits.


Tropical Waste Services has the equipment and expertise to Service & Facilitate disposal of all Waste Products for your Business. We can also assist with remediation and consultancy on disposal of any environmental issues which may occur within the Business.

Waste Reduction

Our goal is always to Reduce the Environmental Footprint of Generated Waste as much as possible.


This Industrial Shredding Machine can reduce waste <60%. 


Landfills nearing capacity or new Landfills benefit from this process, it allows Maximum Operational Efficiency.


This Shredder can also Re-purpose Waste like Tyres and C&D waste to be used in other applications.

Enquire Now about how our Shredder can help you. 47742075.