• Groov In The Moo Townsville – 2017

    Portable Toilets on board for delivery to Groov In The Moo Townsville https://www.gtm.net.au/ Delivery possible thanks to DJB Towing! – Check them out here.  https://www.facebook.com/DJB-Towing-Townsville-115490161908834/

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  • Septic Tanks

    FACTS, FUNDAMENTALS AND FALLACIES Tropical Waste Services demystifies the functions of the ubiquitous septic tank and provides this practical information pamphlet to help with the understanding of how a septic tank works, and how to obtain the best perforFmance from it. Like cars and phones, you probably use and rely on your septic tank daily, […]

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  • Palm Creek Folk Festival 2015

    Another amazing weekend at Palm Creek Folk Festival. The event was bigger than ever!!! Shout out to all the members of the TWS team who put in 110% for the entire weekend. We are so excited to see what they have planned next year.

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  • Beat the Bastards Charity Ride

    Still one of our favourite charities to be apart of. Beat the Bastards Charity Ride raised over $38,000 this year for Camp Quality. What a great and fun event it is!!

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