Our Fleet

Meet Our Fleet 

Meet Ronnie the Rubbish Truck! You won’t see him much as he’s out and about well before the sun comes up. Our newest addition to the fleet is already gaining a fan club 😎.


Introducing ANOTHER NEW! Member of our Team.
We call him Fighter!
Fighter will be responsible for keeping your Portable Toilets Clean💩

Your Grease Traps free of Gunk and also Removing the Waste from your Septic Tank.
He is eager to get out and get the tough jobs done.


This is Panda

Panda absolutely LOVES the dirty jobs! Specialising in Grease Trap Cleaning, Septic Tank Pump Outs as well as Wash Bay Pit/Oily Water Removal.
She also doesn’t mind removing Waste Oil…

This little guy, well…. He doesn’t have a name, you see…. He’s a little sad, he is yet to be branded.. Perhaps, this is his strength. He likes to fly under the radar…. His job is to Transport Skip Bins, now.. we COULD call him Skippy, but that’s a little cliché….. Do you have a suggestion? Send it in!