About Tropical Waste

Where Tropical Waste Services are now and where we have come from ….

Shane and Sonya Farmer are locals who know North Queensland well.

Old Girl - Shane's first truck

Old Girl – Shane’s first truck

Our great working relationships with many other Townsville Businesses ensures a solution is there for any liquid waste needs you have in town or in the wider region. We care about getting the job done right and having happy customers, it means they come back! Our Regional customers in Charters Towers rely on our monthly services to the town for septic tank and grease trap cleaning, we also service Ingham and Ayr.

In 2004 after working in the industry for some time, Shane realised there was a need in Townsville for quality customer service and reliable supply of liquid waste removal services in many areas.

We cater for services such as septic tanks, festivals, events, building sites, large projects underway like the Ring Road, remote access operations and domestic functions.

He believed it needed a local blokes touch from someone who cared about the community.

Shane wanted to do everything right the first time and made sure he was registered and licensed with both the EPA and the Townsville City Council before commencing work in his first truck…….it was only once this important groundwork was done that Tropical Waste Services was born.

For many months there was just Shane and one very big old truck. He pumped septics, toilets, grease traps, boats, ships, wash bay pits large and small (taking phone calls from some very interesting places). Businesses came to realise he was reliable, always put the customer first AND he was a local bloke who answered the phone and responded to their need.

Sonya (after 26 years as a health professional) soon came on board and then there were 2 trucks on the road.

Our 4WD Truck

We have grown with the support of the people and the business community in Townsville and we remember each and every one who gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Today Tropical Waste Services has a fleet of Vacuum Tankers, Crane Trucks and delivery equipment dedicated to making our customers lives easier, cleaner……and less smelly!

We take pride in the fact that when a Tropical Waste truck drives away from a jobsite, Portaloo, Pit or Tank it smells like one of the flowers on our trucks! …and Yes Shane has been asked many times why he ever put flowers on a S*^t Truck!